The Client

We hosted a gathering of 750 gas station owners and employees on behalf of a prominent energy company in the fuel industry in Brazil. The event spanned four days and took place in Munich.

Our tasks

We managed individual transportation, set up exhibition areas, arranged team-building activities, organized several excursions in the Bavarian region, privatized a castle for summer luncheon, provided giveaways, as well as airport and on-site staffing.

Our Highlights

Balancing the logistical aspects of such a large group, as well as catering for all hierarchical levels in the industry was a true challenge, but we managed to satisfy all guests.  We tailored the event to provide a platform where we provided cultural inmersion, hands-on experiences with the gastronomy and attractions of the destination and also free time to discover at their individual pace.

Customer feedback

Carla’s and Karina’s dedication, extra efforts, and flexibility were the driving force behind the event’s success. “The rest of your wonderful team did not perform less and the results of this event exceeded our expectations, as we felt you all belonged to our team since many years!  It was lovely to work with you and your team, who understood the mentality of Latin guests that are not always the most punctual and organized.  We look forward to our next event in Germany, definitely together with you!”