The Client

It was a remarkable convergence of talent and experience as we welcomed a diverse gathering of 220 marketing and sales professionals from around the world who were key team members of our corporate client, one of the global television entertainment industry giants. This four-day gathering took place in Munich.

Carefully designed to enable a dynamic exchange of ideas, knowledge and strategies, the event pushed the boundaries of a traditional meeting. With representatives from different parts of the world, the meeting became a microcosm of our clients’ global reach and impact.

The carefully curated program left no stone unturned to ensure that each day was a unique exploration of the dynamic landscape of television entertainment. From captivating keynote presentations that revealed future industry trends to comprehensive workshops that honed the skills of marketing and sales professionals, every moment was designed to inspire and inform.

Our tasks

We organized their individual transportation, exhibition area, team building activities, dine arounds, privatization of a cinema, giveaways and the airport and onsite staff.

Our Highlights

Being creative for guests in the marketing and entertainment industry is always a challenge.  We could deliver exceptional team building activities that encompass with the company philosophy and topics, as well as the need of reunite global members under one roof.

Customer feedback

Thanks for making my life so easy and for solving all our demands, especially in this short turnaround.