Why Berlin?
What can this beautiful city offer for your next incentive or conference?
What makes this the preferred destination for locals and international guests alike?

1. Berlin is accessible

Berlin is located in the heart of Europe and easily accessible regardless where you are coming from. Berlin is the third largest airport destination in Germany with around 33 million passengers yearly. The city has several airports, train stations, a bus station, as well as easy access to numerous highways.

2. Berlin is tasty

You can find a restaurant at nearly every corner. No matter if you want Italian, French, Turkish, Indish, Chinese, Japanese or a traditional German dish. Would you like to try Berlin’s famous Currywurst? From street food markets to gourmet restaurants, Berlin has it all.

3. Berlin is green

Even though Berlin is a metropolis with over 3.5 million inhabitants you can always find a green place. Berlin offers over 2.500 public parks with green spaces to relax, take a walk, have a picnic or be active.

4. Berlin is art

Berlin offers you a mix of treasures from all eras. Over 175 museums preserve historical, scientific and artistic exhibitions. The city is home to the Pergamon Museum, the museums island, the Jewish museum, and more.

5. Berlin is fashionable

Berlin turns into an international stage for fashion and lifestyle twice a year, with buyers, designers and media from around the world. Many shows, exhibitions and events are open for public. Mingle with fashion lovers and be entertained at Berlin’s outstanding fashion shows.

6. Berlin is colorful

The diversity of Berlin’s street art cannot be found in any other city. The success of the street art has influenced Berlin’s image and tourists visit the city to see the numerous sights, but also to be inspired by Berlin’s colorful street art.

7. Berlin is famous

Every year the international film festival “Berlinale” takes place in Berlin. Celebrities from everywhere travel to the German capital. The Berlinale is considered one of the most important events in the European film industry next to Cannes and Venice.

8. Berlin is historical

Berlin is old and historical and was founded in the 13th century. No other city has gone through so many changes of glamorous eras to dark times. Nevertheless, Berlin always grew in its value and developed from a separated city to a vibrant metropolis.

9. Berlin is architecture

From old to new, Berlin offers an impressive architectural diversity and you can find buildings from the medieval times. Old domes, churches, squares, next to modern, artistic and unique buildings.

10. Berlin is multicultural

Berlin is known to be an open-minded, international city. Over 17% of Berlin’s inhabitants have an international background and people from about 190 countries call Berlin home.

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