The Client

In an ambitious undertaking, our client took on the careful planning and orchestration of a monumental incentive trip. The goal was to bring together an extraordinary group of 850 dedicated employees of a recognized leader in the retail sales industry in Norway.

This epic event lasted five days and took place in Munich. The choice of location was not a coincidence; It was a conscious decision to infuse the Meetcentive trip with the unique combination of Munich’s rich history, its contemporary vitality and its status as a European center of commerce, technology, industrialization and culture.

The carefully crafted itinerary seamlessly combined elements of business and leisure, creating a wealth of experiences that served both the professional development and personal enjoyment of the 850 employees. This event was a harmonious mix of meetings, incentives and cultural immersion.

From inspiring keynote sessions to team-building activities that fostered collaboration and camaraderie, every moment was carefully designed to improve participants’ skills and morale. But the experience didn’t end there. The evenings were enlivened by lively cultural excursions that showcased the best of Munich’s culinary delights, arts and traditions.

The effect: At the end of this five-day incentive trip, the 850 participants returned to Norway not only with beautiful memories, but also with a greater sense of motivation, determination and renewed vigor.

Our tasks

We provided venue scouting, themed dinners, AV, decoration, 5* accommodation, various team building activities, transportation and lots of onsite staff.

Our Highlights

The meticulously calculated timetable had to be followed by the minute (literally!) and the team strived to deliver an exceptional and detailed program following the strict supervision of a very demanding client.  Using the Promenade of the BMW World exclusively was a real surprise for all guests.

Customer feedback

Thank you for this memorable program and its outcome! We are delivering over 30 years this same format to these clients and this is by far the most successful project we have executed.  This will be very difficult to top in the future.”