You never sotp learning…

You never sotp learning…

After an exciting and intensive week in Orlando, FL, where me and two of my Senior Project Managers took part at The Special Event, I have to admit the advanced and up to date knowledge that USA and its events planners possess.

Be it on décor, props, events planning, F&B, AV, Entertainment, you name it!, the service providers and hosted buyers all shared one thing in common: their strive for excellence!

During the show, we had the opportunity to participate in different networking events where we either saw mermaids in the pool, or danced to a Latin live band or heard an “Earth Harp” performance, which is the largest music instrument on earth.  We also went through a journey of different tastes from American, Indian, Mexican or Italian food.

The brides show was excellent and was combined with violin players…on top of that, the show celebrated their acceptance to same-sex relationships by applauding a men-kissing couple on the stage.

The workshops on business development, marketing, new trends in the industry, risk management and motivation were definitely my favorites.

What most impressed me was the fact to reconfirm the true meaning and purpose of our job, which is that we are not selling any product or services, we are providing solutions and trust to our clients.

This knowledge will be passed on to all our projects and we look very much forward to sharing all the interesting things we learned along these days.

Have a successful rest of the week!

Written by Marina Parra-Flechsing, Managing Director of  Weichlein Tours + Incentives – Your DMC in Munich & Berlin, Germany

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