Summer in Bavaria

Summer in Bavaria

Did you know that over 60% of the Germans make at least one vacation per year in their own country?

Germany is one of the strongest markets for Tourism in the world due to its strong power of acquisition, interest in history and culture and high number of official vacations per year (average of 25 paid days per year), plus the public holidays (10-13 days per year depending on the state).

With this said, it is no wonder that the Germans take the opportunity to discover their own country over an extended weekend or over some days off as frequent as possible.

The variety of the landscape throughout the country offers a wide alternative for every choice, budget and expectation.

Whether looking for an active getaway (cycling, hiking, canyoning, soccer, concerts), a more relaxed option (spa, wellness package, yoga) or a cultural oriented destination (museums, gastronomy, folkloric festivals) Germany has an extensive choice of alternatives.

As a non-German living in the country for over 13 years, I find it fascinating to discover small villages during my spare time.  Or why not combine it with a special interest?  Among the most beautiful areas in Germany, I would like to mention the lakes region in the south of Munich, the enchanting city of Dresden, the historical sites of Berlin and Nuremberg or the fairytale like villages in the Black Forest.

My team of specialists and I assist our clients to make the most out of their visit to Germany. Whether it is for work or pleasure, you can always find a couple of hours or extend your stay to discover this special spot that only locals can know about.

Make your next visit to Germany an extraordinary experience!  To benefit from  the local experts in the field, you can contact Cornelia Becker , Petra Knape, Wiebke Heerbeck, Laura Biehler, Carina Schuck or myself.

We look forward to your enquiries!

Written by: Marina Parra – Managing Director of Weichlein Tours + Incentives

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