Mental Health during / After Corona Lockdown

Mental Health during / After Corona Lockdown

It is not about waiting for the storm to pass.  It is all about learning to dance in the rain!  And that is the approach that I request from my employees.

Now more than ever it is is of utmost importance that we renew our vows and commit to excellence.

These challenging times will be a filter to many companies that will not be able to survive the economical strains and also those that can or will not adapt to the changing rules of the game.

The „new“ normal or  better said, the „now“ normal (as rules are changing constantly) will demand from all of us to be able to adapt, work as advocate for our clients, make us of our relationships with partners and excel due to our performance and not about price dumping.

Mental Health during / After Corona Lockdown

Our team  goal is to ask ourselves everyday and at every task if we are giving everything we can and if our performance mirrors the excellence htat our clients require and need.

We can not forget that each of our clients have someone to respond to.  The chain of command does not end with the meeting planner, or with her/his client or with their boss.  It goes way further after that.

We need to ask ourselves before we perform any action the following questions:

What pain am I relieving with my service?

What solution am I bringing to my client?

How can I make him/her look better after our performance?

Am I offering competitive services that match the clients expectations?

Did I use all knowledge, experience and connections to make this an impactful program?

To be able to offer you the right services, we need to be informed of the goals of the event and this is normally our first question before we even start quoting.  Let us know what you/your clients wish to achieve with this project and, together with our team and suppliers, we keep this big picture in focus and help you reach these goals.


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