Weichlein Tours + Incentives is proud to have long-lasting and trusted partnerships

Weichlein Tours + Incentives is proud to have long-lasting and trusted partnerships

One of the most important things we do at Weichlein Tours + Incentives to maintain our competitive advantage as the leading Destination Management Company in Germany, is establishing and maintaining partnerships with the very best suppliers that provide the kind of superior customer experiences our clients are looking for.

Making the best vendor choices is at the core of our business strategy and a big part of why Weichlein is celebrating long-lasting, trusted partnerships with incredible success and numerous years in business with several of them. Our partners are outstanding and provide excellent services in their field of expertise.

Weichlein specializes in coordinating MICE (Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Events) experiences. Germany offers our clients many beautiful destinations and unique venues to visit during their program which we form into an unforgettable experience.

How do we approach the task of figuring out which one of these vendors is good enough to become our partner in serving your corporate MICE clients?

First, we thoroughly investigate your program and wishes and then take a precise look at suitability of every partner’s product, their service quality, their flexibility, as well as their availability. We also look at whether or not the potential partner can think outside the box and offer something new, something unique or different from what everyone else offers. A detailed investigation beforehand is of importance, because above all, we are looking to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience for our clients. There’s a lot at stake when you’re trying to make the best vendor choices on behalf of companies looking for the perfect MICE program. Our clients can also be assured that we’re going to look very closely at customer reviews and testimonials.

What we look for in our partners? We look for superior customer experiences and excellent customer service. We look for innovative approaches to what they provide and how they provide it. Is the service provider willing to coordinate a schedule change which came in on short notice? We know very well that in this business, things change quickly and programs need to be adapted. We’re constantly re-evaluating our best vendor choices and aren’t afraid to change things if that is what’s best for our clients.

The well-established partnership we have with our service provider for over 60 years adds a unique local touch to our clients’ program. We have a long-established reputation of excellence and are proud to have been accompanied by many of our partners for many years.

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