Bavarian Beer

Bavarian Beer

While beer is seen as a drink of pleasure in most countries, in Bavaria it is considered more as a basic food.
It’s hardly surprising when you look at the statistics: on average a Bavarian drinks some 150 litres (40 gallons) of beer per year, putting Bavarians right at the top of the beer consuming list of states in Germany.
There are some 40 types of beer and over 4,000 brands of Bavarian beer.
Munich is undoubtedly the #1 beer metropolis in the world, not only for its world-famous Oktoberfest, which is the largest folk festival in the world.
In Munich, there are numerous beer tours available during which visitors can learn all about: hops and malt, the history of this so-called “liquid bread”, the purity law, beer revolutions and beer battles. These tours will also take visitors to famous beer sites, beer museums (like the Beer and Oktoberfest museum), breweries and beer gardens.
Visitors can tour by foot, bike or bus as they learn interesting and amusing information about the prominent role beer plays in Munich’s past, present and future.

Join us in one of the many local festivals throughout the year and discover the variety of beers produced in the region of Bavaria.

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