Bamberg: One Of Germany’s Most Fascinating World Heritage Sites

Bamberg: One Of Germany’s Most Fascinating World Heritage Sites

Like Rome, Bamberg is built on seven hills, like Venice, it is an island city with a lively heart. More than 2400 listed buildings, winding lanes and an abundance of mediaeval churches make Bamberg a work of art of immense historical value. Because of the well preserved architectural ensemble in the Old Town, Bamberg was named UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. The beautiful mix of grand architectural styles and baroque town houses give the town a captivating atmosphere.

Bamberg offers many different facets, there is the hill city – Bambergs Franconian Rome, the island city – Bamberg’s little Venice and the market gardeners district – a part of town filled with tradition.

Surrounded by a lush green landscape, the hills are a typical feature of the town, boasting many spires which can be seen from the far, like the famous Imperial Cathedral on Cathedral Hill and Altenburg Castle at the town’s highest vantage point.

The island district is full of life and home to most of the faculties of the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg and many residents. Among the most striking sights in the district are the “Old Town Hall” in the middle of the River Regnitz and the former Fishermen’s settlement known as “Little Venice”. Little Venice is characterised by half-timbered buildings closes beside each other and small pretty gardens. This district has a pedestrian zone and many modern shops set in an historical atmosphere. The restaurant scene is well established and offers a variety of trendy bars and “haut cuisine”.

The Market Gardeners‘ District offers extensive free expanses and typical market gardening houeses and shapes Bamberg’s cityscape. Many centuries ago the marekt gardners were already exporting their products well beyond the cities borders and became known as the “onion treaders”. The original apperance of the houses can still be found today as many market gardening families have kept the histroy and tradition up.

The for Bamberg typical half-timbered buildings were mainly built in the Middle Ages. They are packed together along the riverbank, creating a picturesque scene with boats floating by the front gardens of the houses. Bamberg is also known for its diversity in beer brewing. The city is home to 9 breweries within the city, supped in traditional brewery pubs.

Bamberg is a beautiful getaway for leisure as well as mice tourists. Many river cruise companies like to stop here to show their guests one of Germany’s most historic city centres. Weichlein Tours + Incentives is specialised in ground services in beautiful Bamberg and has been working with local partners for many years.

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