Autumn in Hamburg 2018

Autumn in Hamburg 2018

The moment I planned my 2018 short trip to Hamburg, I was definitely open to experience a new and contrasting city.  I knew the energy and modernism, as well as the „directness“ flair that awaited me, and that is exactly the reason why I choose this amazing destination for my autumn getaway this year.

Although we have two employees who are specialists on the city, I wanted to revive my local knowledge and spent a long weekend in this great city at the beginning of October.

I got fantastic help from my friend Florian Gerdes from the Hamburg Convention Bureau, who graciously sent me a very detailed list of „not to miss“ spots in the city.

The character of my trip was very varied. For once, I wanted to unplug from the very difficult and work loaded summer routine.  And on the other hand, I wanted to rediscover the city for future events.

The last time I was in the city was already 5 years ago.  The city still looks the same, but more polished and shiny than what I had in my memory.  We were very lucky to find a fantastic northern weather, where all bricks and glass presented their best faces!

Hamburg is known by its many concerts and show performances and I had the chance to combine my visit with a fantastic concert of U2!  The location Barclay Card Arena was vibrating and full and the performance of these great artists was just amazing!

Our culinary experiences were very gratifying, being this a harbor city, the offer is very varied.  Be it local street food or regular restaurants. Try the BistrOcean when you visit the city. Seat outside if weather permits and try the most delicious and fresh seafood on earth.

The highlight of this short trip was our fantastic hotel Grand Elysee Hamburg!  I loved every minute I spent at the hotel!  The staff (very numerous) was extremely attentive and helpful.  The food was amazing in all restaurants we tried (we had various encounters with seasonal truffles….aahhhhh!) and our room was comfortable and spacious.  A true 5* hotel, where you enjoy spending time at the lobby, either hearing the live jazz band or trying the local pastries.  The hotel has also fantastic conference facilities and is very appropriate for large groups.

I have the most beautiful memories oft he city and  already look forward to my next visit…there are so many things to do and see in Hamburg, that these two days were definitely too short.

For those of you who have not visited the city yet, please give it a try!  It has nothing to do with either Berlin or Munich.  It has ist own character and beauty and it is 100% worth the trip.

If you need more details about tips and suggestions for meetings and events in Hamburg, do not hesitate to contact me or anyone of my team.

Marina Parra-Flechsig

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