Motivation And Team Work…Incentive Ideas

Your very own winter olympics or little Oktoberfest, perhaps, walking rally or local wine or beer tasting. Germany has a wide choice of incredible locations – from caves to mountains – settings that turn even the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Special Programs

  • Team and outdoor activities

  • Cultural, sportive and historical events

  • Driver safety training

  • Golf tournament

  • Photography rally

  • Geocaching

  • Cooking lessons / demonstrations by famous chefs

  • River rafting

  • Firework show

  • Soccer tour

Theme Parties

  • Royal dinners

  • Bavarian folklore evening (little Oktoberfest)

  • Gala dinners with opera singers / special entertainment

  • Wine and beer tastings in monasteries

  • Streetcar parties

  • Dinner cruises

  • Rustical dinner in mountain huts